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wait wait wait, Donna's coming back??? really????
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Reportedly, according to this:

They spelled her name wrong, but the episode was right, so it fits!

I’m super excited. It was a lackluster episode, but she was a lovely character.

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Slurs are not oppressive because they are offensive, they are oppressive  because slurs by nature of being slurs draw upon certain power dynamics  to remind their target of his/her/their vulnerability in a certain relation to power and as an extension of that, to threaten violence and exploitation of that vulnerability.

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Fuck Jared Padalecki and fuck Aisha Tyler for that disgustingly misogynistic and transphobic response to the question about women in Supernatural at the panel just now.

Fuck them, and fuck the idea that the lives and stories of women are merely barriers and…

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Jensen on Demon!Dean and his behaviour (x)

Dean Winchester - the man, who had to die and become a demon in order to love himself. No, that’s not tragic at all…

But really, I am so excited about this version of Dean, because, like I have been saying before, Dean’s ~problem and with that Sam’s and Cas’ problem shifts as well. Because now it’s not so much anymore that Dean doesn’t think he deserves to be saved.

All his worries, his pain: It’s gone, so it’ll be really hard to reach him, because how do you save someone, who thinks he’s found the magic cure? How do you save someone, who doesn’t see an urgency in being saved? Yes, how do you save someone, who thinks he doesn’t have to be saved, because from his point of view he ~is saved.

And well, like Jensen says that is bound to cause some trainwrecks happening, but wow I am SO EXCITED to see Jensen act the hell out of it. I cannot wait!!!

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do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character

Yeah, but the problem is that it’s the showrunner.

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Martha Jones from A to Z [insp]

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Major safety concern: Gmail




“Google recently started combining contacts in peoples’ address books and individual profiles for their reckless and dangerous Plus profiles: between my Android phone and my Gmail account, my friends’ work names and real names —…


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5.13 || 6.20

This has been a ‘if you don’t think Sam and Cas are friends, then you are wrong' PSA (◡‿◡✿)

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Back from the Dead

So I’ve returned from my travels, and will be easing back into my regular posting schedule. Did you miss me?

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Not only was Rose attempting to treat Ten like a human, Ten was attempting to treat Rose like a Time Lady. Think about it for a moment. Anyone who’s watched Classic Who as well as New Who will get what I mean…